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Air freight is indispensable if You need an urgent and delicate delivery.

Air freight is indispensable if You need an urgent and delicate delivery. Air transportation - the fastest and most convenient way of delivery and our experience in this field enables us to solve the most complex tasks of our clients, always respecting the shortest delivery time and safety of goods.

  • The lack of restrictions on weight and dimensions of cargo;
  • Competitive prices and a flexible system of discounts;
  • Extensive experience with non-standard and dangerous goods.

We offer air freight throughout the world

  • Airfreight import goods: according to Your request our agent in any country of the world will pick up the goods at the consignor's warehouse and deliver to the airport, provide special packaging or insurance, will perform the necessary customs formalities and issue the supporting documents in the country of departure, arrange air transportation and send the goods to the Sheremetyevo airport. We can also offer You further services to assist in customs clearance at the Sheremetyevo customs office, the customs transit of goods from Sheremetyevo to any settlement of Russia.
  • Air export freight: we can arrange air transportation of Your cargo to any airport of the world, will produce assistance in customs clearance at the Sheremetyevo customs office, according to Your wishes will insure the goods.

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  • Land, sea, multimodal transport
  • Air
  • Transportation of the consolidated cargoes
  • Transportation of personal belongings

Related services

  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Certification
  • Packaging


To the goods in transit is not corrupted, a special importance is its packaging. Good to know that even if your cargo is insured during transportation, in the case of damage You may not obtain the insurance compensation, since the insurance company as the cause of damage may determine inappropriate or unprofessional packaging.

Company "STALKER" provides professional packing of goods. Depending on the nature and volume of your cargo and transportation specialists of the company determines the type and amount of packaging required for your shipment.

If you need to send cargo, and it does not have the original packaging, contact the professionals. 

Our company is engaged in complex deliveries of domestic and imported industrial equipment.

When working with the customer, the company relies on the quality of service, tracking of new trends in rynchopidae, providing the most complete information on a particular type of equipment. Otliensians logistics of commodity-transport flows allows to carry out a complete set of orders of any complexity samie a short time. All supplied products are certified and have the warranties of the original manufacturers. In the supply of imported equipment, the specialists of our company together with aspecialist the manufacturer carry out service and warranty service of the supplied equipment.